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Hello we are Pete and Darlene Francis and we are small breeders of the  very rare RagaMuffin cat. We breed the authentic RagaMuffin kittens from our cats imported from the USA and England.

Our kittens are raised indoors as part of our family and  play outside when they are old enough to use the outdoor pen.We breed only authentic RagaMuffins and are registered with the GCCF.

RagaMuffins are rare in the USA and even rarer in the UK. RagaMuffins come in a wide range of colours and patterns and they have a very sweet personality.

We are registered with The Ragamuffin Kitten Breeders Society.


All our cats are registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) and we adhere to their code of ethics.

Come and meet Snowball, Arabella,Razzamatazz,Venus My Love and our newest addition little MISHA!

Chloe is a 8 year old female and has a very calm and gentle personality. Chloe has been sold.

Joelle is a 7 year old female and she is a strong willed but very loving cat.Joelle has been sold.

Ozzy is a 5 year old male and he is extremely loving and a gentle giant. He is a Grand Champion. Ozzy has been sold.

Poppy is a 6 year old female and she is a sweet and very cuddly cat. She is a Champion. Poppy has been sold.

A big thank you to all those who have adopted our adult Ragamuffins. They all seem very content and happy in their new forever homes.

Revised June 18th ,2020