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Ragamuffins at Purtasticmuffins
Chloe has won her first certificate towards being a champion.Chloe is a sweet,loveable cat who is very laid back and cuddly. Chloe is now retired but will likely be doing a few more shows in the future.

Joelle our retired sepia and white RagaMuffin. Joelle has a much more adventurous personality than her mother. Joelle likes to be involved in everything that her human parents are doing including bathing. Joelle loves the water. Joelle loves to be loved when she isn't too busy watching the birds outside or playing with her brother. Joelle has been entered into shows and has achieved her merit in each show.  Here is a picture of her with the rosettes she won at her first show. Now those are what you call cats eyes!


At the 2015 Supreme Cat Show Poppy gained her Championship status. She then went onto achieve the best of breed Ragamuffin in the same show. Poppy has been working towards her Grand Championship.


This handsome neutered male is Chloe's son and he is our gentle giant who we love dearly.Snowball has been seen on exhibition at various cat shows. Just look at his ruff! Snowball is now 7 years old.


Ozzy has achieved the title of Grand Champion and is working towards his Imperial title. Ozzy just loves to be on your lap and cuddles as much as he can. His purr is loud and comforting! Another georgeous ruff.

Jazzy Rags Arabella

Arabella flew all the way over to England from New Orleans to be our future Queen! Thanks to Wanda Grass of Jazzy Rags for entrusting this very sweet loving and incredibly beautiful girl into our care! She makes a wonderful addition to our breeding program.

Jazzy Rags Razzamatazz

Razz as we like to call him came with Arabella from New Orleans to be our  stud boy. Razz is full of energy and is very light and fast on his feet. He loves to play with his cat toys especially the teasers. He has lots of energy and also loves his lap time and pets. He is incredibly curious about everything that goes on in the house. Once again thanks to Wanda Grass for having the courage and trust to send Razzamatazz to us in England.
It took months of work mostly on Wanda's part (for which we are truly grateful) to get these two beauties into our care so that we could bring new lines of the RagaMuffin into England!!!

Barnjemms Venus My Love

What can I say. This beautiful little beauty is a showstopper for sure. We are so honoured to add this little gem into our breeding program. She is Ozzy's half sister!

Meet baby Purtasticmuffins Misha who will one day be our future Queen!